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We are playing our role in the Craft Revolution by building gear that meets the needs of today’s brewers, so check out our brewery lines below and contact us today!

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About Us & Our Brewery Systems

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DME Brewing Solutions:
About Us

DME Brewing Solutions is the leader in the craft beer brewing industry with over 25 years experience and has become the preferred supplier of equipment to craft brewing customers around the world.

DME prides itself in being a customer’s best resource for the planning, design, fabrication, management, and successful execution for each unique brewery project.

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DME CraftBrew

DME CraftBrew Systems are designed to meet the performance, flexibility and budgetary requirements of the most passionate brewer.

Available in 5, 7 and 10bbl size, this line is built on the foundation of DME’s quality and proven brewhouse efficiencies, while offering you a hands on and straightforward approach to making great beer.

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DME MasterBrew

DME MasterBrew Systems known for quality and reliability, are the result of over two decades of continuous development.

Robust, high performing and built to last, this line offers DME’s world renowned engineering, design, warranty and service. Whether it is a 5bbl or 100bbl brewery, DME’s clear-cut options & expertise will help guarantee your project’s success.

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DME MasterBrew
Custom Systems

DME MasterBrew Custom Systems builds on the exceptional qualities and characteristics of the MasterBrew line, while allowing you to fully tailor your equipment to exact specifications.

With an in-depth understanding of the brewery environment, DME’s engineers, craftsmen and technicians will refine and develop your system to create a versatile, attractive and highly efficient brewery.


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